IT technician


  1. assembling and operating computer systems, peripheral devices and networks
  2. programming, creating and administering databases and websites

Regarded subjects:

Polish, mathematics, IT, English

General description

The aim of vocational education is to prepare learners to live in today's modern world, do their work and actively participate in the market. IT technician diploma is received by the graduate after passing Professional Competence Examination which consists of two sections: first - after the 6th semester and second - after the 7th. Students have opportunity to get place at university by participation in vocational skills competitions. The curriculum provides extended programmes in mathematics, English, completed with extra history and society classes. Our school runs a number of courses due to EU projects, where students can gain additional qualifications. Each student is provided with a locker and a computer station in IT classes, that take place in one of five perfectly equipped labs. After insulation, the school buildings along with a modern swimming pool, look impressive, blending into the green surroundings of „Kozie Góry”.

Core curriculum


For those studying the profession of IT technician, we offer two annual courses:

  • computer graphics with elements of photography
  • computer games programming

The courses will be implemented as extracurricular activities twice a week, only for students interested in gaining new skills. After succesful completion, the students will receive a certificate proving acquired skills.

Computer games programming

Activities will be held in groups of maximum sixteen, in modern labs. Schedule will include programming in JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3. Creating animations on „Canvas” in HTML5 connected with JavaScript, allows to get enthralling visual effects and to create computer games.

Computer graphics with elements of photography

Activities will be held in groups of maximum sixteen, in modern labs. Apart from modern computers, scanners, Wacom Intuos graphics tablets, printers and cameras will be at students' disposal. Schedule will be based on raster and vector graphics course, which applies the most widely renowned licensed software by Adobe and Corel.

Download the software samples for free:

Adobe: download
Corel: download