We are a secondary technical school in Rybnik.

Our students learn general and professional subjects. We teach in the following professions: IT, geodesy and building construction. There are over 500 students and 50 teachers in our school. Our students do their apprenticeship in Poland and abroad within the Erasmus+ programme. They have already worked in Italy, Spain, England, Germany and Portugal. Currently we have an Erasmus+ project and our students work in Braga, Portugal.

Our hometown is Rybnik in Silesia region, it's in the south of Poland.

Here is a picture of our school taken by geodesy students who use drones in their work.


To find out more about our school, visit our website and take a virtual tour around our school here.

If you feel like it, listen to a song about our school composed by our students or watch our LipDub.

A few words about our town. First of all we think it is a grat place to live in with lots of facilities for young people. Our town is over 700 years old. People who live here are nice and friendly. There are lots of places worth visiting by tourists. To feel the atmosphere you simply have to spend a few days in Rybnik.

Well, there is one more thing worth mentioning: a very popular Polish series: "Diagnosis" was and still is filmed here.