Geodetic Technician


  • BD.31. Performing situational, altidude and realization measurements
  • BD.32 Performing geodetic works referred to cadastre and real estate management

Regarded subjects:

Polish, mathematics, geography, technics

General description

NEW OPPORTUNITIES: Drones' measurements!

Geodetic Technician Diploma is received by the graduate after passing Professional Competence Examination which consists of two sections: first - after the 2nd semester of the 2nd grade and after the 1st semester of the 4th grade. Students have opportunity to participate in international exchange and foreign apprenticeship. The curriculum provides extended programmes in mathematics and geography.

We are an examination centre. Our students take exams using the equipment that they use during classes. We teach them working with universal software e.g. AutoCad, which is applied in many technical fields and gives them the chance of employment in multiple branches. We use modern measuring techniques e.g. Drones and total stations. Surveyors use the data sent by satellites, as well as specialist geodetic and design programmes.

Geodetic knowledge is applicable in:

  • architecture
  • spatial planning
  • real estate appraisal
  • deposit exploration works
  • navigation
  • army
  • cartography
  • mining
  • farming
  • reading aerial photos
  • real estate management
  • zarządzaniu sieciami uzbrojenia terenu

Surveyors get employed in:

  • numerous geodesy companies
  • construction companies (road, rail, residential, industrial construction, etc.)
  • government and local self-government administration units
  • running their own business

By continuing study at universities, they often learn property appraisal or architecture. Rapid development of geodesy led to the necessity of defining its new tasks referred to geoninformatics (processing digital images and use of databases by various informatic devices), GIS (a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present spatial or geographic data) or working with unmanned aerial vehicles – drones that are used in various branches of industry.

Geodesy technician, as one of the few, has the opportunity of getting professional qualifications without completing university education. Besides Poland, there is great demand for land surveyors in Sweden, Germany and The U.K.

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